libcdorganizer - Compatibility


Currently, the compatibility of libcdorganizer encompasses just two devices: The Dacal DC-300 and the KDS CDM-751.

The Imation Disc Stakka is also in the works, but from a preliminary look it will have to be supported in a 2.x release (meaning that the API will have to change to support it). This is due to the fact that while the Dacal and KDS devices are perfectly happy to be entirely event-driven devices, the Imation device must be polled constantly. This problem can be solved, but it will likely involve the use of hotplug (not needed for the other devices) and a cdorganizer daemon to immediately attach to the device once it's plugged in.

The change from 1.x -> 2.x will be made to be as small from a client program's point of view as possible, but there will be some small changes that will cause the interface to change

Dacal DC-300

This device is fully supported by libcdorganizer. All functions of the library work with this device


This device is partially supported by libcdorganizer. Insert and eject functions work, but no method of identifying these devices has yet become apparent. This means that a client application can safely use one of these devices, but using any more will have multiple devices with the same ID number (each insert / eject will at a minimum insert / eject on all attached KDS devices).