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Project Description

libcdorganizer is a library designed to wrap control of all CD organizer devices into a single user-space library

CD organizers are in this case defined as devices which store large amounts of CDs and automatically organize them via some sort of interface (usually USB)

Currently, the following devices are supported

Dacal DC-300 pictureDacal DC-300 - Fully functional
KDS CFM-751 picture KDS CDM-751 - Mostly functional... it's missing an identifier function

The following devices are planned to be supported in the near future:

Imation Disc Stakka Picture Imation Disc Stakka



This project is under the BSD license. As such, you are free to use it however you wish, including to create commercial (closed source) modules for it or commercial (closed source) applications utilizing it (even statically linked, though that's not recommended due to the nature of this library)